Peter Meechan Recording

Friday 17 February 12

Peter Meechan Recording 2012

On the 16th & 17th February, SUWO engaged in its recording project for Peter Meechan (composer). The band spent two days at Firth Hall (Sheffield University) recording several of works by the composer, including Fire in the Sky, Shine (with Les Neish as soloist), Fenix Blue & These Mist Covered Mountains (with Tim Watson as soloist), and 2nd Epitaph (Across the Water)

Although the two days were long, hard work, SUWO produced quality recordings for Peter Meechan, who was guiding the recording in person as Producer.

SUWO will be also performing Peter Meechan's Clarinet Concerto, Burn in the upcoming concert 'A Celebration of the World of Wind Music' on 25 March.

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