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Support for BLM

Wednesday 10 June 20

SUWO is a society which prides itself in its inclusivity, well-being and support for all of its members. In light of recent events, we hope that you have found the time to reflect, learn and support the experiences and voices of black lives across the globe campaigning against racial injustice, discrimination and prejudice suffered on a daily basis. We as a society want to ensure that we are helping to support the growth and strength of the platform given to these issues.
From today, we will doing a daily dedicated posts on our Instagram (@suwoshef) on a selection of black musicians/artists that have made an impact to the world of music in which we have today.

Below are links to help educate and support:
- Classic FM: post of ‘9 black composers who changed the course of classical music history,’
- Instagram: Posts detailing several ways to get involved and help to support
- UOS Chamber Choir: Another university's ensemble helpful and continuously updated word document that details resources to petition, donation and educational links to help in the fight against racial injustice and inequality.

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SUWO Virtual Performance

Saturday 16 May 20

Sheffield University Wind Orchestra Virtual Performance

Check out our virtual performance of Music from The Incredibles by Michael Giacchino (arr. Bocook)!

When our concert was cancelled, we wanted to make a positive impact.The video was made in aid of the Sheffield Hospitals Charity who carry out great work within the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, improving the treatment of patients and supporting the NHS in Sheffield. To show your support, follow our justgiving link:

You can find out more information here:
Many of our members work in these hospitals as part of their degrees. The closest one is just a few hundred metres away from Firth Hall, where we rehearse and perform, so the effects really will be local.
If you’d like to donate to our fundraiser and support this incredible cause, please use the just giving link!

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New Committee for 2020/21

Tuesday 31 March 20

SUWO Logo - Colour

We would like to introduce our new committee for 2020/21 who were voted in at our online society AGM today!

President: Tom Sutherland
Vice President & Inclusions: Will Hamilton
Secretary: Jodie Jordan
Treasurer: Latham Haigh
Social Secretaries: Theo Letts & Ellie Fishwick
Publicity Secretary: James Bateman
Librarian: Sophie Bennett

Congratulations to our new committee, and well done to all those who ran for committee positions this time!

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