SUWO Semester 2 Concert 2018

Sunday 18 March 18, 7:30 pm

Firth Hall, Sheffield (map)

SUWO Semester 2 Concert Firth Hall March 18 2018
Title: International Flavours
The University's award winning and much travelled Wind Orchestra presents a programme of music from many countries, we plan to include from France, Orient & Occident by Saint-Saëns, from Germany Mendelssohn's Overture for Band and Richard Strauss' Allerseelen, Spanish composer Alarcon's Little Suite for Banda, from the USA Robert Russell Bennett's Symphonic Songs and by our own Adam Gorb his riotous Yiddish Dances!

Programme to Include

ALLERSEELEN Op.10 No.8 (Richard Strauss)
Occident e Orient (Camille Saint Saëns)
Little Suite for Banda (Luis Serrano ALARCON)
Symphonic Songs for Band (Robert Russell Bennett)
Yiddish Dances (Adam Gorb)


Tony Houghton

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